Champion Role Changes

At the last SPEC meeting a new Champion role was added: Mental Health Champion. This role will be filled by Dr Roger Bretherton, who will: Understand the challenges faced by people who have been, or are currently, affected by mental health issues, both at the student and the staff level Help to promote a culture … [Read more…]

New Data On UCAS Investigations

New data has revealed that black students are 22 times more likely to have their university applications investigated, as reported in the Independent today. Here is a word from our Equality And Diversity Champion on this finding: To quote a colleague of mine, this finding is appalling on 2 counts: First, that there are low numbers of Black … [Read more…]

Article in Nature: Does gender matter?

Ben A Barres has published an article in Nature, speaking about their experience as a female-to-male transgender person in academia and breaking down the claim that women are not advancing in science because of innate inability. All students, male and female, would benefit from training in how to be more skillful presenters, to exert a … [Read more…]

Guidelines for gathering data on gender

Since the 18th of September 2017, the School of Psychology has used the following guidelines for gathering data on participants’ gender: The ideal situation is to provide a completely open ended question:   Gender: _______________________     However this is not always practical. Therefore, at a minimum you should include the following options:   I identify my gender as: … [Read more…]